Eva Marie: ‘I Can Be The Face Of The Divas Division!’, Talks NXT, More


Eva Marie spoke with Crave Online for a new interview. Check out the highlights:

On her training schedule with Brian Kendrick: “Obviously, I didn’t come out of the womb wrestling so I think everything was the most difficult. I’m a field athlete. My sport was soccer growing up so just putting my body in all of those different positions was definitely new and different for me. It was fun each day because we got to learn something totally different than the day before but I haven’t been able to train that consistently since I joined WWE so for me that was really putting my body through the ultimate test.”

On her NXT entrance attire: “That was collaboration between Brian [Kendrick] and myself. His wife actually made my robe for me. I love the old school wrestling. That’s what I watched with my brothers so I wanted to bring back the over the top pageantry, the glam, and no Diva on the roster has an entrance like that so I wanted to be different and bring something new into the generation that I’m in right now.”

On why she has so many hateful critics: “To be honest, I don’t know the root of the animosity. I’m really just trying to train and get better at my job so I can get on those girls level and be able to entertain and put on matches that everybody is happy about. That’s where I’m coming from. The funny thing is, I’m in California and in Orlando. I’ve been training at the WWE Performance Center as well. It’s just the fact that the times I’m not in Orlando training at the Performance Center, I’m getting in the ring with Brian Kendrick. I’m doing the best that I possibly can with both situations. I’m working on the NXT live events and I go out to Orlando two weeks out of each month so that I can train.”

On whether she can be the face of the Divas division: “Absolutely! 100 percent without a doubt. That’s the plan.”

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