Ex-Rock N’ Roll Express Member Discusses Dusty Rhodes, WWE


The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast recently interviewed former Rock N’ Roll Express member Robert Gibson. Below are some highlights:

On being a trainer for WWE and owning his own wrestling school: “When they went to Florida they closed OVW, but a lot of the guys I had the chance to work with went up to WWE. (Jack) Swagger, Kofi Kingston, I just enjoy training. I’ve got a training center in Douglasville, Georgia and I love the business. The stuff we did you just don’t see it being done anymore. I used to do a flying head scissor, you just don’t see anybody doing that. Now, I’ve got some good “boys” up here that are doing real good. After they get through throwing up for a couple of days they are ready to go.”

Gibson on his look for Rock N’ Roll Express: “Back then, when we first started we went and got some rock and roll magazines and we would see how the rock and rollers were dressing and we just made it our own. They kept us so busy that we didn’t have time to think about what was going on. We were in different towns every night and flying every day and going nine months without a day off.”

His memories of working with Dusty Rhodes and training Cody Rhodes: “Dusty was fun to be around. He did a lot for the business. He is an icon everybody knows. My hats off to him. I remember when we had six man tag matches and when he would get in the ring and he’d say “Brother, tie one of those bandannas around me”. You never stop learning in this business. Dusty told me before he passed that he appreciated what I did with helping train Cody. Cody was good then and he has gone on to be really good.”

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