Ex-WWE Creative Writer Reacts To The Final Edition Of ‘Piper’s Pit’


As we previously reported, the final edition of Piper’s Pit happened at a Maryland Championship Wrestling event on July 18 on Joppa, Maryland. The guest was former WWE creative writer Kevin Eck. Eck wrote about the event in a new blog entry.

He wrote:

“I first had the privilege of working with Piper behind the scenes three years ago on Raw while I was on the WWE creative team. On that episode, the guest of that night’s Piper’s Pit was to be determined by an app vote, with the choices being Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler and The Miz. I was assigned the segment. All three candidates were going to be in the segment regardless of who won the vote, but I still had to write three separate drafts because the order of the guests and the dialogue would be different in each scenario. Between the talent all wanting to get in their ideas, Piper having trouble keeping it all straight and Vince McMahon making last-minute changes, it had cluster-you-know-what written all over it.

Sure enough, the segment was a train wreck. McMahon hated it and so did the audience.

When MCW promoter Dan McDevitt booked Piper for a live Piper’s Pit, he suggested we use that Wrestlecrap-worthy segment as the premise for me being Piper’s guest. The character I play in MCW is a bitter ex-WWE writer who constantly whines about being laid off by WWE due to budget cuts and thinks he’s better than everyone in MCW because he’s worked in the big leagues. In Piper’s Pit, I blamed the disastrous Raw segment on Piper going into business for himself and not sticking to the script I wrote. I contended that McMahon was so furious about the segment that he made me a scapegoat and that’s why I was laid off. I demanded that Piper apologize for costing me my job. Instead of issuing an apology, however, Piper issued a slap to my face. I consider being slapped by Piper as one of the greatest moments of my career. Hell, of my life.

After Piper’s slap knocked me off my feet, the tag team that I manage — Eric Chapel and Dirty Money, aka The Ecktourage — hit the ring and three of us cornered Piper. The Hell Cats, the top babyface tag team in MCW, then came out to make the save. I can’t stress enough how great Piper was to work with on that segment.”

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