Ex-WWE Producer: ‘Tugboat Almost Headlined WrestleMania!’


In an interview with Ric Flair for his WOOOOO! Nation podcast, former WWE producer Bruce Prichard revealed that Tugboat almost headlined WrestleMania. Here are highlights:

On The Red Rooster gimmick: “Red Rooster, how that gimmick came about, Vince met Terry Taylor, thought he was cocky and arrogant, [and] reminded him of a rooster. That’s the honest to God’s truth. I know Terry and everybody thought that it was a rib, [but] it was not a rib! No, it was [McMahon] saw [Taylor] as this cocky rooster, this cock of the walk, and wanted him to be The Red Rooster. He wanted him to do his hair and to strut and be that guy. But Terry looked at it like a rib and thought everybody was goofing on him and all the boys ribbed him and laughed at him. If he had embraced it, [and] made it his own, it would’ve made all the difference in the world.”

On Tugboat originally being planned for Sgt. Slaughter’s WrestleMania VII role: “The idea was that we’d have a red-hot heel take the title from Warrior and then Hulk [Hogan] would come in, All American type [of] deal, and face the champion in front of 107,000 people. This super red-hot babyface that was going to be turned to this super, just ungodly, red-hot heel to go to WrestleMania and fill 107,000 seats was Tugboat. Big Fred Ottman who’s a sweetheart of a guy, a great guy, it was Tugboat.”

On Chris Jericho: “Chris Jericho is probably the Ric Flair of this day and age right now. He can go out and make anybody look good. You had Ric Flair who could make anybody look good. Then, you had Shawn Michaels who could make anybody look good. I think Jericho is at that level right now. I think he’s doing a hell of a job.”

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