Ex-WWE Writer: ‘Brock Lesnar Should Retain The WWE Title!’


Former WWE writer Andrew Goldstein recently gave his thoughts on WrestleMania 31 and how he would book Brock Lesnar to beat Roman Reigns in the main event. Below are some highlights.

The Andre the Giant Battle Royale: “See above comments about crowded, gimmick, paycheck matches over-populating recent Mania booking… Aside from that, I’m confident all signs point to the triumphant return of the Great White warrior Sheamus. That’s my pick, fella!”

His prediction for the tag team title match: “Same great mish-mosh, same bad taste. In one match we have one fully-formed tag team here with the Usos, another cohesive unit that couldn’t get over in the decade they look like they came from – the 80’s in Los Matadores, an undefined swing-and-a-miss of a tag team concept that’s just a tad bit racist in the New Day, and a fun tandem of disparate, discarded mid-card parts, full of potential if they could just get some matching gear and a team name in champs, Cesaro & Kidd. Because of the rise of cousin Reigns and the induction of pops Rikishi into the HOF, I lean towards a Mania moment for the Usos, if only to keep the island boy love theme going this weekend. Usos.”

His pick for Triple H vs. Sting: “You need only ask one question with regard to this once-in-a-lifetime spectacle: “Why bring Sting in after 14 years just to lose to HHH?” Unfortunately when you deal with HHH, it’s never that simple. Part of me would love to see WWE troll the internet wrestling community by having HHH go over and add another name to the pantheon of contenders they believe HHH has buried over his illustrious career. But the IWC is not indicative of the reality in which we find the Icon Sting in a WWE ring. In that reality, I can’t see any reason not to put Sting over. HHH certainly doesn’t need the win and it just solidifies Sting’s new WWE presence going forward for DVD’s, merchandise, and promotional appearances. STINGER”

His thoughts on the main event world title match, Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar: “I am completely confounded by this match. With the news that Brock is done with the UFC and committed to the WWE for the forseable future, the possibilities in this match are now endless. The smart mark in me sees some kind of Rollins/Authority interruption with a potential for a MITB cash-in attempt. But then the logical side of me reads the tea leaves the last six months and recognizes the WWE’s mission. To crown Roman Reigns as the next franchise talent in the WWE. All that being said, I still have no idea how this match ends but if I’m booking, I keep the title on the most credible, believable, mainstream appealing champion WWE has had since the 90’s. Brock.”

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