Exclusive: Daniel Bryan Leaves RAW Early + Triple H Sick


— As evidenced by his promo on RAW, Triple H was indeed sick. He came down with something following the brief tour of Saudi Arabia.

— Daniel Bryan is not expected to appear at this week’s WWE SmackDown TV tapings. Bryan appeared on RAW for a few reasons. The first was to once again establish Kane as a “monster” that nobody can control and also announce the main event for the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. The “beat down” segment was also done to write Bryan off RAW for the night. Basically, they accomplished what they needed to do for Extreme Rules and didn’t have Bryan do any mic work for obvious reasons.

According to our source who was backstage at RAW, Bryan immediately left the show following the opening segment and flew home to be with his family in Seattle, WA. Upon returning backstage, Bryan’s bags were already packed and ready to go. Several Divas and Superstars were standing backstage and gave him hugs/wished him well. He got in a waiting car and headed out. He is now en route home where he needs to be with his family following the death of his father.

We’ll have more on this tomorrow morning here on the website.

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