Finn Balor Hints At A ‘Balor Club’ In WWE, Owens/Takeover


In an interview with TalkSport, Finn Balor spoke about the idea of a “Balor Club” in WWE. The term started as a meme last year, invoking the name of the Bullet Club that Balor was once a member of in NJPW. Here are highlights:

On the idea of a “Balor Club” in WWE: “The Balor Club will definitely make an appearance on Saturday in Brooklyn. But the Balor Club will be the fans supporting NXT. But watch this space regarding an actual Balor Club as I’ve a couple of plans up my sleeve. I’m kind of putting pen to paper on some ideas, kind of see what sticks so watch this space re: said space Balor Club.”

On his match with Kevin Owens at Takeover: “This is my very first ladder match. The only time I’ve ever climbed a ladder was at school to screw in the lightbulbs! I’m not nervous, I’m excited and not 100% sure about how I’m going to approach it but at the end of the day, a match is a match and an opponent is an opponent. Thirteen thousand people is just thirteen thousand people!”

Meanwhile, Corey Graves was asked in the same interview about Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa working in WWE after their appearance at the NXT tapings earlier this month. He said: “You never know what’s going to happen. I honestly don’t know if they’ll be around. I think they did very well in the role that they had. I do not know contractual answers or whatnot. I’ve known Jonny for a long time actually, I used to wrestle with him in Cleveland a lot. So I was stoked to see him around. And Ciampa, I’m familiar just with from seeing around. I’d hate to tell you a surefire ‘yes, they’ll be around’ or no, but I’d say the one thing for sure with NXT right now is you never know what’s going to happen. We don’t know from time to time so a lot of the stuff that we’re seeing on TV is happening for the first time – so just keep your eyes peeled.“

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