Former WCW Star Not A Fan Of AJ Styles And Chris Jericho’s Booking


Former WCW superstar Glen Gilbertti, best known as Disco Inferno, recently spoke on In Your Head Radio. The hosts mentioned AJ Styles’ initial feud with Chris Jericho and Gilbertti mentioned he wasn’t interested in how it was booked.

“Now these days [WWE] is making these guys put time in; all your matches where you’ve got 15 minutes,” said Gilbertti. “Oh great, I’ve got 15 minutes with Jericho and we’re going to tear the house down. I’d rather have four minutes with Jericho, he slips on a banana peel, and I hit him with my finish. I’d rather do something like that, because these days you could look at that as that’s why not a lot of guys are really that over anymore, because the second they come in we’re just showcasing their work. We’re not really treating them like whether this guy is a contender; he’s just a good worker.”