Former WWE Writer Parodies Donald Trump – Details


Ex-WWE writer Kevin Eck posted a parody Q&A imagining Donald Trump talking about WWE in light of recent statements he’s made during his presidential run. You can check out an excerpt below, using Trump’s comments about FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly as the basis for a Divas Revolution conversation:

The WWE Universe is very excited about what they’re calling the Divas Revolution. What are your thoughts?

I’ll be honest. I’m not real interested in seeing the gals have matches like the men. I mean, who really cares about some butter-face broad putting another butter-face broad in an armbar? I was much more a fan of the Bra and Panties matches from the glory days of the division. Anyway, here’s one thing I definitely don’t understand about the Divas. One of those Bella twins, the one with the big fake rack and the plump ass …


Yeah, whatever. Anyway, she has been the champion for like 260-some days. How is that possible? You would think she’d be off her game every 28 days if you know what I mean. If I was in charge, I could guarantee a Divas Title change. When it came to that certain time of the month, I’d book her in a First Blood Match.

Really, dude?

Aw, did I hurt you feelings? Too bad. Menstruation is a fact of life. In fact, you look like you could use a little bit of Midol yourself. Now getting back to the gals in WWE, what I do like are these catfights between Lana and Summer Rae. It reminds me of some of the knock-down drag-outs between Ivana and Marla back in the day. Can’t blame them for fighting over me. Anyway, I just saw on Raw where Lana dropped to her knees in front of Rusev. Now that was a pretty picture. Thank God for the freeze-frame button. If I could give Rusev some advice from my vast experience with beautiful women, I’d tell him to dump them both. From what I understand, Lana and Summer are both on the other side of 30. Time for Rusev to upgrade to a younger model, and I do mean model literally.

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