WWE RAW Results (6/29) – Big Tag-Team Match Main Event, More!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, June 29th, 2015 (USA Network)
Location: The Verizon Center in Washington, DC
Results by Matt Boone

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Seth Rollins, J&J Security, Kane Kick Off RAW

After a lengthy video package airs, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins’ music hits and out he comes to the ring with J&J Security and Kane.

Rollins takes to the mic and talks about taking power when he “conquerered the conquerer.” He goes on to mock and talk trash about Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.

Rollins complains that Jamie Noble suffered three broken ribs, but says he’s still tougher than anyone in this arena, and there’s not a chance that Noble wouldn’t leave his side. He asks the fans to give Noble respect and stand up and applaud him.

Rollins asks Kane and J&J Security to come over to the other side of the ring, as he has gifts for them. He removes a curtain over a podium and it shows he bought all three of them Apple watches. Noble says they’re so thankful they’re going to go backstage and take their first “selfie.”

He continues to Kane, sending him on a trip to Hawaii. Out comes Hawaiian dancers, etc. Rollins says before he goes on vacation they should send him out in style, he and Kane versus Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose in a no disqualification match.

Now Rollins moves onto J&J Security. He says he saw them come in a crappy rental car tonight. He says his crew travels in style. A model comes out and presents them with a brand new car! Noble and Mercury, in Price Is Right style, are all happy.

Rollins and co. celebrate around the car until finally Big Show’s music hits and out he comes as Noble obnoxiously honks the horn inside the car over and over and over and over again.

Big Show vs. Mark Henry

After Big Show comes out, Mark Henry makes his way out. Meanwhile, Rollins, Kane and J&J Security remain at the car honking the horn and partying. Big Show vs. Henry is next as we go to our first commercial of the evening.

When we return from commercial, we see highlights from last week’s RAW and SmackDown of Big Show’s destruction of people.

We then shoot live into the ring where Big Show and Mark Henry are ready to battle, as The Miz joins the gang on commentary for this, our first match of the evening.

The bell sounds and here we go with an enthusiastic Miz on commentary as Big Show bullies Henry into the corner and pounds away on him with punches and chops.

Henry tries to fight back with some offense, but literally within a minute Big Show cut him off, hit him with a knockout punch and pinned him, 1-2-3.

Winner: Big Show

After The Match: Ryback Strikes!

After the match, Big Show is in the ring as Ryback’s theme hits. Out comes “The Big Guy,” with The Miz going bonkers on commentary. Ryback takes out Big Show, but Miz gets in a cheap shot and runs away. Ryback challenges him to fight him right now. We head to commercial. Cliffhanger!

The Miz vs. Ryback

The Miz accepts Ryback’s challenge as we return from the break. Both guys are in the ring, the bell sounds and here we go.

Early on, Miz tries to avoid Ryback’s onslaught, but eventually “The Big Guy” gets his mitts on The Miz. He hoists Miz up for a suplex and literally holds him there for a good 20 seconds before stomping around, Shellshock-style, and suplexing him finally.

Miz gets in some offense, but it’s short-lived, as Ryback immediately starts firing up for a comeback, strap-pulled-down-and-all.

Ryback starts up a “Feed Me More” chant as he waits for Miz to get up. Miz gets up, sees Ryback coming, and ducks out of the ring and runs away to the back non-stop. The ref counts to ten and Ryback wins by count out.

Winner via Count Out: Ryback

Paige vs. Alicia Fox

When we return from commercial, The Bella Twins make their way to the ring. They stay at ringside as it’s one-on-one action between Paige and Alicia Fox.

Paige dominates the action early on, but eventually, Fox starts fighting back by firing away with punches. Paige cuts her off as we head to another commercial.

As we return from the break, Fox is still making her comeback as The Bella Twins cheer her on at ringside. Fox takes it to Paige for about a minute and then Paige starts making her comeback. She screams out, “This is my house!”

Finally, we get to the finish, which sees Paige and Fox trade rolling roll-ups, with Paige finishing with the final one. 1-2-3. Paige wins.

Winner: Paige

U.S. Open Challenge
– John Cena (c) vs. Cesaro

We return to the arena where John Cena’s theme music hits and out he comes. He says off-mic as he’s making his entrance, “It’s U.S. Open Challenge-time!” We head to a break. Cliffhanger numero dos.

Out comes Kevin Owens when we return from commercial. He joins the gang on commentary however, as Cesaro comes out to accept the actual U.S. Open Challenge.

Cesaro gets in some offense early, as does Cena, but ultimately it’s Cesaro who takes it to Cena for the majority of the match thus far. We head to a mid-match commercial with Cesaro in control.

When we return from the break, Cesaro is scoring a very close nearfall as Michael Cole excitedly tells us that Cena kicked out at 2 1/2.

Cena starts making his comeback as the Washington D.C. fans fire up. Cesaro cuts off a Five Knuckle Shuffle attempt, but remains in control of the U.S. champ.

Cesaro gets Cena in position for the Cesaro Swing, however Cena fights it. Cesaro instead catapults Cena, who lands on the middle ropes feet-first, and leaps back for a springboard stunner for a close nearfall.

These two continue to trade the coolest, most awesome nearfall spots you could ever imagine, with Cesaro looking like a rock star, however when we get to the finish, where Cesaro is about to put away Cena with a Sharpshooter, Owens attacks. The ref calls for the bell.

The NXT Champion gets on the mic and says he told everyone that at Battleground, he is the man who is going to take away the U.S. Championship from Cena.

Winner via DQ: John Cena

Bray Wyatt Promo

When we return from commercial after the break, Bray Wyatt appears on the big screen from backstage in his smokey area.

Wyatt is holding a sign that reads “Anyone But Him,” which features a picture of Roman Reigns. Wyatt continues to cut a creepy, cryptic promo until he brings it back to it “Won’t Be You” Roman Reigns.

The Lucha Dragons & The Prime Time Players vs. Bo Dallas & The New Day

After the quick backstage promo, we return to the ring where The Lucha Dragons are introduced by Lilian Garcia.

When we return from the break, we see highlights of The Rock’s surprise return in Boston this past weekend. When we shoot live to the arena, we see Bo Dallas smiling and waiving.

Out next comes The New Day clapping their way to the ring. It’s time for eight-man tag-team action, as The Lucha Dragons and The Prime Time Players take on Bo Dallas and The New Day.Titus with the shoulder tackle and a pin attempt but The New Day breaks it up. The Lucha Dragons take them out. Young clotheslines Bo to the floor. Titus does the Lucha dance before Cara and Kalisto leap out onto The New Day. Kofi rolls Titus up for 2. More back and forth. Titus catches Kofi in mid-air for the big sitdown powerbomb and the win.

Winners: The Lucha Dragons & The Prime Time Players

Dolph Ziggler, Lana, Rusev & Summer Rae

When we return from the break, out to the ring comes Dolph Ziggler and Lana together. Dolph talks enough that eventually Rusev heard enough.

Rusev, on a single crutch, accompanied by Summer Rae, make their way to the ring. Rusev tries arguing back but eventually the two stand off like they’re going to fight.

Ultimately, Rusev backs down and walks away, however Summer isn’t done. She gets on the mic and calls Lana a golddigger and slaps her in the face.

Neville vs. Sheamus

We’re back from the commercial and out comes Neville, “The Man That Gravity Forgot.” Out next is his opponent for tonight, “Mr. Money In The Bank” — Sheamus.

The bell sounds and here we go. Sheamus with a headlock now. Neville tries for a comeback but Sheamus cuts him off and hits three Irish Curse backbreakers. Neville with a jawbreaker and an elbow. Neville keeps up the offense and hits Sheamus with kicks. Neville with a big running kick to the head. Neville ends up on the top and fights Sheamus off.

Neville hits a big a leapfrog but he rolls through and sends Sheamus out to the floor. Neville with a moonsault from the apron onto Sheamus. They come back in and Neville hits a springboard dropkick for a 2 count. Neville goes on and drops Sheamus in the corner. He goes up for Red Arrow but Sheamus knocks him off the top.

Sheamus waits for Neville to get up and misses a Brogue Kick. Neville rolls him up for 2. Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick on Neville, right in the kisser, for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Sheamus

Jack Swagger vs. King Barrett

Out next comes Jack Swagger when we return from the break. Next out is his opponent for tonight in this one-on-one contest, King Barrett.

King Barrett takes off his robe and we get the bell. He tells Swagger to bow down but Swagger tries to lock up and Barrett scrambles to the floor. Barrett comes back in and Swagger slams him for a nearfakll.

Swagger keeps control and tosses Barrett across the ring from the corner. Swagger catches a big boot and applies the Patriot Lock but Barrett crawls out to the floor. Swagger meets him and works him over, throwing him into the barrier a few times. Swagger brings it back in the ring but runs into a big knee. Barrett sends Swagger face first into the turnbuckle and hits the Bullhammer for the 1-2-3.

Winner: King Barrett

No Disqualification
– Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins & Kane

We return from commercial break and out to the ring comes both teams for tonight’s main event, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose on the babyface side, Seth Rollins and Kane on the heel side.

The action starts out with the babyfaces in control until eventually the heels take over. Very typical match for the most part until Bray Wyatt’s video causes a distraction to the heel team.

The distraction doesn’t last for long, as eventually the heels overcome the “good guys” once again. At the end of the day, however, the match doesn’t matter and the focus becomes on the heels beating down Roman Reigns.

RAW goes off the air with The Authority guys leaving, after doing a number on Reigns, and Wyatt entering the ring and hitting his finisher on Reigns after saying, “Anyone But You!”

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