GiGi Reacts To Her Tough Enough Elimination, GCW Lineup


— Giorgia “GiGi” Piscina spoke with AfterBuzzTV about her elimination from Tough Enough last night and more. Check out some highlights:

On her emotional elimination: “I’m a very emotional person I won’t lie to you and that comes from my family. We get really passionate about things and we cry. It’s just the way it goes, but I find it hard to hold back my emotions which I guess is a good thing because it shows that I’m relatable I guess and that I’m genuine. I am extremely passionate about this and I enjoyed myself so much on Tough Enough that I couldn’t control it.”

On speaking with her father after her elimination: “I spoke to him on FaceTime last night after the elimination and he was extremely happy actually. He’s like ‘Yes I get my girl back’!. I’m like dad you can’t be happy right now I’m crying. He said it wasn’t rude he just wants me back.”

On Sara’s popularity: “She’s relatable, she’s a likable person. She is a lovely girl in real life on the show, that’s why people relate to her. She’s like the girl next door you know. She’s an American Michigan girl. People relate to that and they want to see her do well. I’m like the opposite. You know you win some you lose some. I feel like I do feel frustrated that I left because I know that I’m a stronger competitor than her. I proved myself time and time again that I was. I don’t think she beat me on anything the whole time. You know that’s frustrating but there’s nothing I can do about it. I hope that Amanda wins based on the fact that she has more talent than Sara does, but it’s not hard.”

— Gladiator Championship Wrestling has announced the following updated card for their Bahama Bash show, taking place in Nassau on August 29th:

* Al Snow vs. Tommy Dreamer
* Saraya Knight answers the Melanie Cruise challenge
* Aero Boy and Façade (Team Lucha Mexico) vs. El Ligero and Pure Britannico (Team Lucha UK)
* The UK Hooligans (with Ricky Knight) vs. The Hurricane and Jesse Godderz
* Rob Terry takes vs. The Boogeyman
* Sage Strong vs. Septimo Dragon
* “The Trickster” Anansi reveals himself to the world
* Shannon “The Cannon” Ritch in an open challenge
* Tyrus vs. Hernandez

You can get tickets here.

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