Hiroshi Tanahashi Says He Almost Signed With WWE, Talks Nakamura To WWE


During a recent Japanese podcast, Hiroshi Tanahashi spoke about Shinsuke Nakamura’s NJPW departure and revealed that he almost went to the WWE himself. Here are highlights:

* J Sports wanted WWE to sign him as part of their broadcast deal, but WWE went with Kenzo Suzuki instead.

* Shinsuke Nakamura going to WWE is a huge loss to New Japan, as many people go to live events just to see him. He said that those who like Nakamura like other NJPW talents but it “isn’t his kind of void to fill”.

* He mentioned that Ryusuke Taguchi should get more serious and “double down” now that Nakamura is gone.

* He also thinks that the juniors division will help with the recent departures, naming Kamaitachi, Dragon Lee, Desperado & Bushi.

* Nakamura appealed to different generations, with his nods to Inoki appealing to older generations.

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