Hulk Hogan’s Beach Restaurant Removes Racist Sign


TMZ reports that Hulk Hogan has opted to advise a restaurant that licenses his name to change its dress code that was accused of racism.

According to the report, Hogan’s Beach in Tampa, Florida had a dress code that restricted patrons from wearing excessively baggy attire, low-hanging pants, do-rags, bandannas, and over-sized or excessive jewelry. The dress code was listed on a sign in front of the restaurant.

Hogan claims he has called the restaurant and the managers and personally asked for the dress code sign at the restaurant to be taken down. The two parties apparently agreed. The dress code was reportedly modeled after ones used at Las Vegas and Miami pool parties and was not meant to be racist. However, Hogan understood how others could take it that way.

PHOTO: View the original sign at Hulk Hogan’s beach restaurant – WTF?!!