The Iron Sheik’s Autobiography + Upcoming Wrestling Books


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— The Iron Sheik autobiography that was set to be released through WWE back in 2009 will finally come to life. ECW press has obtained the rights to the book, which was dropped by WWE when they were pushing the PG direction harder. The feeling was that couldn’t truthfully tell The Sheik’s story without ignoring a lot of what has defined him, which is not PG content. Here is the description of the book, which is titled “Iron Sheik: Hey Jabroni!”…

In the pantheon of legendary WWE antagonists, perhaps none were as reviled as the Iron Sheik. Loathed for his anti-American diatribes, the former AAU champion and bodyguard for the Shah of Iran braved riots, death threats, and legal threats during his tumultuous career.

Now, the man whose diatribes have gained him a newfound mainstream notoriety finally delivers his life story. The Sheik shoots straight on the events that shaped his life on both sides of the curtain, with the type of brutal honesty that will leave anyone “humble.”

Get the former WWE champion’s take on all the controversy. Learn about the crippling personal demons and unspeakable family tragedy he has endured. Hear him reflect on the notorious and amusing rants he’s directed at Hulk Hogan, the late Randy Savage, and several others.

With interviews and insights from other WWE personalities, readers are taken on a journey from the Iron Sheik’s teen years as a competitor for his native Iran to his time as an assistant coach for the United States Olympic team to the era when the Iranian hostage crisis transformed him into arguably the most vilified figure in sports entertainment to his current status as a YouTube and Twitter sensation. This book is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended—but those who want an irreverent uncensored edge to their reading material will love this long-awaited memoir.

— Here is the upcoming listing of pro wrestling related books…

* March 1 – Capitol Revolution: The Rose of the McMahon Wrestling Empire by Tim Hornbaker.

* March 17 – Booker T: My Rise to Wrestling Royalty by Booker T. Huffman & Andrew William Wright. (Moved from February 17th))

* March 29 – The All-American Boy: Lessons and Stories on Life from Wrestling Legend Bob Backlund by Bob Backlund and Robert H. Miller. by Bob Backlund and Robert H. Miller.

* March 31 – WWE: Ultimate Superstar Guide.

* May 19 – WWE: The Attitude Era by Jon Robinson

* June 14 – Pro Wrestling FAQ: All That’s Left to Know About the Worlds Most Entertaining Spectacle by Jon Robison.

* July 21st – WWE Superstars Volume 4: Last Man Standing.

* July 28th – Yes!: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania by Daniel Bryan and Craig Tello.

* September 15th – Ultimate Warrior: A Life Lived Forever: The Legend of A WWE Hero.

* October 13th – Is Wrestling Fixed? I Didn’t Know It Was Broken: From Photo Shoots and Sensational Stories to the WWE Network, Bill Apter’s Incredible Pro Wrestling Journey by Bill Apter.

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