Is Sgt. Slaughter A Fan Of Today’s WWE Product?, Details


Sgt. Slaughter did an interview with the Baltimore Sun. Check out some highlights:

On whether he watched WWE TV today: “Yes I do. I’m the ambassador for WWE and part of my job is to watch the show and give my input, what I like and don’t like. I look out for talent, and give recommendations, and even help scout talent sometimes. While sometimes you want to keep wrestling forever, eventually we get to a point where we can’t continue doing what we did. Now we all have roles in trying to keep the product going. We want to keep WWE as the top in the industry. You’re always working, it’s a 24/7 job. I shouldn’t say job, though. It’s something that you always want to look after it, and help it improve.

On if he’d change anything about the current WWE product: “It’s a really amazing product. Look at how many matches there are a week. One thing I’m really happy about is that the divas are starting to make their mark now. They’re showing that they can be right there with the guys…These days you have to stay in great shape. Back when I was coming up, you didn’t have the trainers and doctors and all the people that assisted you. You just had to take care of yourself. It’s great that now if you have a strain or something, there’s someone there for you, instead of just jumping in the car and getting to the next show. I tip my cap to everyone involved, from the writing and production team to the guys, because it’s an amazing product. I wouldn’t really change anything. It’s a new era now. This is the way they’re trained from when they go down to Orlando by the producers and trainers. That’s the way that the product is now. You have to keep up with the changes. I will say it’s a faster pace than I would really like to see it. But that’s the way the product is these days.”