Jay Lethal Wants To Face Seth Rollins (Champion vs. Champion Match)


In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Jay Lethal revealed that he would love to have a champion vs champion match against Seth Rollins. Here are highlights:

On facing Seth Rollins: ​“I would love to do that. How cool would it be if there was a champion versus champion match? There is no way I would turn that down. Whether or not both companies could get this on the same platform is a shot in the dark, but we’d have a tremendous match. I’ve never got to wrestle Rollins before, either, even though he’s a former Ring of Honor world champion, so he’s never experienced the ‘Lethal Injection.’”

On an ROH and NXT show on the same night: “It’s an honor to be going against NXT. We’ve got to be doing something right since the WWE doesn’t claim to pay attention to what anyone else is doing.”

On why fans should choose ROH over NXT: “The proof is the fact that a couple NXT wrestlers are former Ring of Honor guys. Wouldn’t you just want to go straight to the source and watch the company that they’re pulling from? A lot of wrestling companies are trying to imitate what Ring of Honor does, so wouldn’t you rather see the best wrestling in the world for yourself instead of an imitation?”

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