Jeff Hardy Comments A Potential Hardy Boyz Reunion, His Injury Status, More


Former WWE and TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy spoke with The Huffington Post about a variety of topics including potential Hardy Boyz reunion, his latest persona and more. The following highlights are below, click here for the entire article.

On his injury:

“Getting hurt outside the ring was such a bad thing. I let so many people down. I hurt TNA by doing that.”

On Matt Hardy’s newer persona:

“The ‘Big Money’ Matt thing is definitely an extension of who he is. I think he is better than he’s ever been, and I’m proud to see him as World champion.”

On Hardy Boyz reunion:

“Ultimately, I’d love to tag with him again, and win the titles so we could at least defend them together once. Just to make my soul feel a little better about the way I messed things up.”