Jeff Jarrett: ‘TNA/GFW Relationship Is A Really Cool Thing!’


Jeff Jarrett recently spoke for a new interview talking about GFW and its relationship with TNA, Chael Sonnen and more. Check out the audio below and some highlights:

On Chael Sonnen saying that Roddy Piper had passed him the torch for the “Piper’s Pit”: “I don’t want to go so far as to say that; Chael is a lightening rod. I can confirm that there were talks. I talked to Roddy two days before his passing and we exchanged multiple texts the day before his passing. We were lining things up. He (Piper) has a movie coming out that Global Force is going to be partnering with to help them promote. So, it turned some heads when Roddy said that (about Chael). The fact of the matter is, Chael and Roddy’s son Colt were on the same team, trained together and they know each other very, very well. Obviously, they’ve had those conversations. Whether it be tongue-in-cheek or whether it not, I know that Roddy was looking forward to coming to Vegas, to Amped, to have a… I don’t know what you’d call it… how you diplomatically say that… maybe have a little short, sweet conversation with Chael and let it go where it may go.”

On the working relationship between TNA and GFW: “Tomorrow night is taking another step and it’s a really cool thing. We talked about this at the beginning of this conversation, one of our “missions” with GFW is to work with promotions. Ironically as it may be, me going back to a company that I founded and now we’re having a “super show.” It’s playing out on Destination America tomorrow night. I just think it’s very, very cool with some very fresh match-ups. When you bring wrestlers from one promotion and they’re facing another promotion it’s a real cool set of circumstances for the wrestling fans. Next Friday at Amped we’re going to turn right around and the TNA stars like Bobby Roode and Eric Young are going to come out and be a part of the Amped taping. It’s a really cool scenario right now, in my opinion, for the wrestling fan.”

On if the relationship will be long-term: “I will definitely say I’m taking it on a step by step basis. It’s got to continue to be a “win/win” for all parties involved. Have we had those discussions yet? Not really. Maybe early, early preliminary. As it stands, we are taking it on a show by show basis.”

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