Jeff Jarrett: ‘I Want The Rock & Hulk Hogan In GFW!’


In an interview with the NOE Wrestling Live podcast, Jeff Jarrett spoke about Global Force Wrestling and said he’d like The Rock to be involved. Here are highlights:

On which inactive wrestler he would want in GFW: “In my opinion, this is a no brainer. When you have a guy that is 3rd generation, knows the business inside and out and comes up and becomes the hottest box office attraction in the world – The Rock. I mean he’s on a completely different level. He’s a movie star, a great athlete and a great wrestler. I think you’d have to absolutely start with him. I mean, I personally couldn’t stand the guy. We almost came to blows backstage several times in WWE. But it would be best for business. Then you go back a couple generations and look at the great wrestlers like Buddy Rogers, Jerry Lawler… the Von Erichs… but you’d have to go Rock. Then you know, Hulk Hogan. His record speaks for itself. He had Hulkamania and then was right back on top 15 years later with the nWo.”

On who he likes in NXT: “Steen (Kevin Owens) He’s very good. There’s a bunch of other ones, but I’m excited him because of the road he’s traveled all these years. When he hits the main roster he’s going to shake things up.”

On if wrestling is ready for another “boom”: “I can’t put my finger on the main reason. I think there’s a bunch of contributing factors. I think the Rock-effect, when you had a guy come on the scene like that during the Attitude era, Rock and Stone Cold, the Monday Night Wars. The kids that were 10, 12, 14 years old who were watching it, are now 28, 29, 30, 31, 32 years old and these guys have all been wrestling 4,5, 6 years. There was such an enormous exposure to the mainstream. Everybody was watching wrestling and now we’re seeing some residual payoff of that. I also think that the wrestling fan bases that have popped up, ROH has been around as long as TNA has and they have their fans… You have TV being produced in South Africa, in India, small promotions you guys have probably never heard of are being produced. Just all around the globe, wrestling as content is being produced and I think when you have that, a lot of wrestlers having a lot of matches, and the cream, slowly but surely, rises to the top and I think NXT is the best example of that today. Kevin Steen is a 12 year pro and he’s just now stepping onto the scene. I think all those contributing factors are to me. But the proof is in the pudding. You got RAW, Smackdown, NXT, all under the WWE umbrella, you referenced Lucha Underground earlier, you got AAA in Mexico, you got TNA, you got ROH (New Japan, New Japan World, it) and that’s just a few who are producing content.”

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