Jerry Lynn’s Campaign Surpasses Goal – Lynn Reacts (Video)


The GoFundMe campaign to help Jerry Lynn pay for his neck and back surgeries has passed the goal of $16,000 in only 64 hours, a little over two and half days after Chris Jericho donated $2,000. It launched on Monday morning. Several wrestlers who worked with Lynn either donated or promoted the campaign through social media. At this time, it has earned $17,900. The original goal of $15,000 was raised to $16,000 to include GoFundMe fees.

Lynn has said that he would donate any money over the $16,000 to the Nashville Rescue Mission, which Middle Tennessee with food, clothing and shelter for the homeless and recovery programs to those with “life degrading problems”. Lynn will have neck surgery today. When he’s recovered, he’ll have back surgery. He recorded the following message for those who donated:

A special thank you from Jerry Lynn to everyone who helped with his #GoFundMe campaign this morning from the hospital before he undergoes surgery.

Posted by Brian Fritz on Thursday, August 6, 2015

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