Jim Ross Blogs – Austin At WM31?, Lesnar vs. Punk At WM31?


Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On His MMA Commentary Debut: It’s going to be a memorable week for yours truly as I make my MMA play by play debut this Friday night on PPV from Tulsa, ironically enough, for the BattleGrounds MMA event that I will broadcast along side Chael Sonnen. This PPV features an 8 Man, Single Elimination Tournament with the winner earning $50,000. All major cable and satellite systems are carrying the PPV and hope that you will give our show a shot. I’ve been waiting for years for this opportunity and I’d love for you to share in it with me.

On Punk vs. Lesnar at WM 31: I wonder what the chance would be to see a CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar WM31 WWE Title Bout? Stranger things have happened and that pairing would guarantee WWE a ton of new subscribers and likely ignite the PPV marketplace as well. Communication and money solve many ills and that would be a terrific main event considering that as it stands today WWE has major work to do in assembling what looks to be more of an ensemble card than one that is one or two main event heavy at this time. I’m sure that I’m not alone in wanting to see a Lesnar-Punk headliner at WM31 because it equates to big money for all involved.

On Austin Possibly Returning at WM 31: As many have speculated that Steve Austin swill return to WM31 for a final bout, my take on that matter is that it is a tremendous long shot and my guess is that those in depth and necessary discussions with Steve haven’t occurred. That’s simply one man’s take/opinion. I’d put the odds on Austin returning to WM31 at considerably less than 50/50 and that’s from someone who would love to see Austin come to WM31, steal the show, and enjoy a cold beer with his fans. Plus, if Austin would return he would have to be positioned at or near the top of the card. Is that doable?

On His Podcast: Magnum TA Terry Allen will be my Ross Report Podcast guest this week on podcastone.com and on iTunes as well. This is one of the most compelling interviews/conversations that I’ve ever had in any forum including our podcast. It’s a show that I hope that you will enjoy as much as I did recording it with one of the most upstanding and courageous men I’ve ever known. I can’t say enough superlatives about this particular show but at the end of the day you will be the final judge as to how you perceive this story of determination, grit and amazing challenges that Magnum has fought for years to overcome. Remember if you subscribe for FREE to the Ross Report at iTunes that you will get every episode downloaded for free and you will guarantee yourself that you won’t miss a single episode. I encourage you to help us by subscribing and to also go back and listen to our previous shows many of which have been critically acclaimed. Also on Tuesday I will be talking to both Matt and Jeff Hardy for an upcoming Ross Report of which I am very excited about considering that the Hardy Boyz came to work for WWE under my watch where they became stars and made their mark as one of the best tag teams to ever compete in WWE. Thanks to many of you our podcast is consistently in the top ten in the world of sports and recreation podcasts and that’s with doing one show per week that drops every Tuesday evening at 9 pm ET.

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