Jim Ross Blogs – Fan Attacking Roman Reigns, ‘Taker/Lesnar, More


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Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On the fan attacking Roman Reigns at a WWE show: “It takes a real idiot to get physically involved in a pro wrestling match as a ‘fan’ and I use that term loosely did in Victoria, B.C. with Roman Reigns over the weekend. I think the guy should have been jailed and not just banned for life from WWE events as how is that going to be legislated? The ignorant person is lucky this happened in this era and not in a previous generation or his penalty would have been handled on site, in the back of the arena, for better or for worse. Cowboy Bill Watts enjoyed being the judge, jury and executioner when unruly, often times inebriated fans got physical with the talents. These fans got assaulted, I’m not condoning this, and then they still went to jail.”

On The Undertaker/Brock Lesnar WWE Network special: “Anxious to watch the Undertaker-Lesnar TV special that will air on the WWE Network after RAW. The four hour Summer Slam has two, primary bouts of major interest at this time with Taker vs. Brock being on top right before Cena vs Rollins, Title vs Title. I’m interested a great deal in both these main events and how they will be creatively addressed and how they may, or may not, impact Wrestlemania.”

On NXT Takeover: Brooklyn selling out the Barclays Center: “Congrats to WWE NXT for selling out the Barclay Center in Brooklyn the night before Summer Slam and at the same time as our RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross Show in NYC at the Gramercy Theater. NXT is an amazing success story that poses an interesting conundrum for WWE and that is how do they introduce all the young talents that are ready to be called up in a manner that is impactful and memorable? These ‘introductions’ are critical to the process. I’d estimate that approximately 14,000 fans will sell out the Barclay Center three nights in a row for WWE themed events which is an amazing accomplishment.”

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