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Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On Fans Bailing on Daniel Bryan: Amazing that some ‘fans’ are jumping off the Daniel Bryan bandwagon now that the highly skilled star has won the WWE World Title and the reason is that they feel that the ‘chase’ is over and therefore DB has no more challenges ahead of him. Has anyone noticed that Bryan is STILL smaller than virtually everyone he wrestles and is STILL an underdog even as the champion? Keeping a fan favorite in varying levels of jeopardy or peril works….it always has and always will. It has worked in films and in main stream sports since their beginning, which is why they keep score, keep track of the standings, and play for something at the end of the year. If Bryan can continue to amazingly overcome the odds and retain the WWE World Title in non fluke wins, when the time comes for him to lose the championship, to Brock Lesnar would be my suggestion, say at Summerslam or even in November at Survivor Series, DB won’t fade away. The best pure wrestler in the world isn’t going to disappear unless he is removed from TV or he suddenly forgets how to perform his craft.

On Brock Lesnar: IMO Lesnar should not lose in 2014….at some point become WWE World Champion and then pass the imaginary torch to a young, up and coming star at WM31 ala a Roman Reigns, etc. Just my independent opinion which arguably is no more viable than your’s.

On His Fox Sports 1 Project: My narration of a @FoxSports1 feature on the young, boxing son of the late Tommy Morrison airs Monday night on FoxSports1. I will tweet more info when I receive it. Morrison was a distant relative of John Wayne, defeated George Foreman for the WBO Heavyweight Title and died much too young at age 44. The native Oklahoman was also a star high school football player at Jay, Oklahoma and I officiated some of his games when he played there back in the day. It’s a really cool feature on Trey Lippe Morrison who’s looking to impact the heavyweight division in the world of boxing.

On His Podcasts: This week’s Ross Report podcast is going great guns with guest @TheJimCornette as we essentially solve all the ills of today’s pro wrestling genre. Seriously, it’s one of the best discussions that I have ever participated in regarding the business that many of us still embrace. I hope you will check it out at podcastone.com or via iTunes. Next Tuesday pm our conversation with the amazingly talented and beautiful Gail Kim drops and we explore Gail’s career, the major differences in working in WWE vs. Impact Wrestling, Gail’s overall take on women in wrestling, her future, the delicate balancing of her career and her marriage to celeb chef Robert Irvine of the Food Network and much more. Gail is dead on honest about every topic and her candor was extremely refreshing. This past Tuesday night I talked for almost two hours with Shawn Michaels and it was the most compelling interview that I’ve done to date as HBK shares what it was like to to sitting at the Gorilla Position at WM30 specifically when the Undertaker’s Streak abruptly and shockingly ended. It’s a perspective that can’t be replicated and that Ross Report Podcast is excited to premier on Tuesday May 6. Shawn’s openness and straight talk makes this one of the most riveting and informative podcasts ever. This week I also confirmed Lance Storm and MVP for future Ross Report Podcasts as we keep cranking them out and hope that we can continue to build our audience by producing and recording some stout shows.

You can read Jim’s full blog by clicking here.

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