Jim Ross Blogs – Last Night’s iMPACT!, MMA Debut, & More


Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

Last Night’s iMPACT!: Solid @ImpactWrestling show Wednesday night highlighted by the Ladder match and the title bout between Lashley and Roode. Funny what happens when a show isn’t overwritten and is booked to play to a talent’s strengths which, for TNA, is the bell to bell physicality. They also increased their rating on @SpikeTV which is good only a few weeks after moving somewhat abruptly to Wednesday nights.

On His Upcoming MMA Announcing Debut: Getting ready to do mucho media next week for the Battleground MMA PPV I’m broadcasting with Chael Sonnen on Friday October 3 emanating from Tulsa and featuring the return of the grueling, 8 man, single elimination tournament with 50K going to the winner. It’s exciting to be finally able to nab a MMA play by play assignment and working with the controversial, highly intelligent Sonnen will be a blast. I hope that you will consider giving us a shot on Friday night October 3 on PPV. Please check with your cable or satellite provider for all the info.

On His Autobiography: My writing partner Scott Williams and I are planning devoting several days next week to my autobiography. We hope to have multiple 10-12 hour days in Norman as we continue to chip away at this challenging undertaking. One doesn’t know how writing about one’s life is until it’s in progress. I find myself emotional when I talk about my parents, laughing out loud at some of the stories, grateful for the people and the life lessons that I’ve learned and, at times, highly pissed off at some experiences I’ve encountered. When one knows where many ‘skeletons’ are buried from those that were once considered friends, etc it’s a tough decision as to what to include and what to omit. I will assure one and all that what ever I chose to write about will be the truth. We hope to have the book done by Spring or Summer of 2015.