Jim Ross Blogs – Lesnar’s UFC Return?, D-Bryan/WrestleMania 31, HOF


Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry online. Check out the highlights:

On Daniel Bryan and this year’s WrestleMania: “Can’t help but think that as much buzz that is surrounding WWE’s Daniel Bryan that there is no way that WWE won’t use DB in he WWE Title picture at WM31. I’m not sure how WWE are going to get there, which actually makes watching their weekly TV more compelling, or the end game but Bryan is too hot to not put him in the title picture to make the outcome more unpredictable. I am not a big proponent of a multiple person, main event at WM31 for the WWE Championship but having a three or four man match may have to be the way to go considering the lay of the creative landscape currently in WWE. This is all TBD, I assume. IMO and from talking to my wrestling fan friends, Daniel Bryan is the most compelling talent on the WWE roster right now along with Brock Lesnar. This scenario certainly doesn’t eliminate Roman Reigns from title consideration and I still think that Heyman and Reigns makes for an interesting combination that has multiple win-win components. I also l like the combination of Heyman and Rollins.”

On Brock Lesnar possibly returning to UFC: “Lesnar’s long term career in WWE is still in question at this time and will remain so until he decides where he wants to hang out his shingle after WM31. There is still ample MMA talk regarding Brock as UFC would obviously love to have him back and Brock Lesnar in Bellator would be a huge coup for that organization so Lesnar has multiple options and all, one would assume, for significant cash.”

On Ray Stevens as a possible WWE Hall Of Fame inductee: “If the late Ray Stevens is inducted into the WWE HOF at WM31 in the heart of the wrestling territory that he helped make famous it will be spot one especially if Pat Patterson inducts his former partner and rival. Many old timers feel that Patterson and Stevens were the bet tag team ever and others swear that Ray Stevens was the most natural in ring performer ever as it relates to natural timing, instincts, etc. I wonder how many young wrestlers like in NXT, the Indies, etc take the time to watch Patterson and Stevens body of work or watch Ray in singles bouts. Young talents can’t learn as they ideally should working with talents tht are less talented than them nor can they improve if they don’t study the works of the greats who preceded them.”