Jim Ross Blogs On Tonight’s RAW & SummerSlam, Titles, More


Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On SummerSlam “go-home” edition of RAW: “Key, Monday night RAW broadcast especially as it pertains to what WWE does with the main event of Summer Slam, Brock vs.Taker. After the massive, multi person pull apart of a few weeks ago, what’s next? More physicality? No physicality? Another award winning @HeymanHustle promo? Will Heyman fall prey to the Undertaker? There are always several, right ways to do something good on a pro wrestling show which is why the biz is so subjective. Nonetheless, Lesnar w/ Heyman vs. the Undertaker is the primary match fans are paying to see come this Sunday night in Brooklyn. It’s a little predictable if Taker wins to even the score against Brock to set up a rubber match at WrestleMania but that’s not what I would do.”

On what he would like to see at SummerSlam: “I’d love to see clear cut winners and losers in the two main events at Summer Slam including the Title vs Title match featuring Seth Rollins vs. John Cena. For some reason, I see HHH getting involved in this match and not for any specific reason as to why. In today’s world, it seems that most fans are non plussed when it comes to untimely disqualifications and count outs. Keeping the fans happy, content and enjoying the product has to be any company’s #1 priority.”

On his issue with wrestlers and titles: “Does it bother anyone else that so many pro wrestling champions carry their titles over their shoulder to the ring instead of wearing them? That makes the titles look even more like a show biz ‘prop.’”

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