Jim Ross Blogs – Praises Heyman’s RAW Promo, WWE/Piper Tribute


Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry online. Check out the highlights:

On Paul Heyman’s RAW promo: “@HeymanHustle promo on RAW Monday was arguably one of his best ever. If any wrestler or wannabe who wants to understand the art of verbally telling a story and can listen to only one person in the business then make that one person Happy Heyman. It makes me proud that I was in a position to give him his first, national break on TV back in the WCW days. For me, it was easy to see that he was a special talent and he’s proven to be even more extraordinary than I predicted. I loved working with him even though he was could be like an ornery, little brother at times but make no mistake about it we jelled because we had mutual respect for each other and we both made it in the business when the majority of those in it did not endorse or predict our success.”

On WWE’s tribute to Roddy Piper: “The Roddy Piper tribute was exceptional on RAW and I thought WWE hit it out of the park on that presentation. It’s hard to fathom that some keyboard warriors hit me on twitter @JRsBBQ that they thought it “wasn’t enough.” SMH.”

On Tough Enough: “Tough Enough down to six vying for the big money in the reality show. I’ve watched every episode but the format doesn’t resonate with me. Not enough time to vote for my taste.”

On the season finale of Lucha Underground: “Season finale of Lucha Underground tonight on the El Rey Network. Check it out or DVR it. I had the opportunity to broadcast this episode but logistics couldn’t be worked out. I’m a fan of the show nonetheless and am pulling for their success. They have some great talent. Big fan of producer Chris DeJoseph aka Big Dick Johnson. I’d be shocked is this group has a season two that Rey Mysterio wasn’t a part of it. Hopefully, both come true.”

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