Jim Ross Blogs – Praises Vince McMahon’s Return To TV, The Rock/WM32, RAW


Jim Ross has posted his latest blog online. Check out the highlights:

On Vince McMahon’s TV return: “Vince McMahon was the star of the broadcast. He’s the WWE’s best heel by far. He loves his role, makes it is own and isn’t playing the role of a villain. I thought it was smart booking that WWE promoted the next RAW main event of which is a WWE title match with McMahon as the special referee. How many times will the Montreal Screw Job be referenced between now and January 4th? McMahon’s return has been a spark for RAW whose TV ratings have been in the tank.”

On Monday night’s RAW: “Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks was a healthy 15 minute match but the overall women’s scene seems flat. No well created personal issues. Sasha cheats to win but that fact is never mentioned by the broadcasters. Why? Still of the mindset that New Day is too entertaining to be classified as money drawing heels. Why do they need to be heels? Big Show is the #1 entrant in the 2016 Royal Rumble. Will he be booked to last into the double digits? The Sheamus is boring chant is approaching bush league and forces the spotlight on the vocal and defiant fans who are seeking some sort of attention and not the talents.”

On The Rock’s WrestleMania 32 announcement: “Rock will be a part of WM32 in Texas but will he wrestle? In any event for the Rock to simply be committed to the April 3 event in Texas is HUGE.”

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