Jim Ross Blogs – Samoa Joe’s TNA Departure, Y2J’s WWE Schedule


Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On Samoa Joe Leaving TNA:: Lots of questions about Samoa Joe leaving TNA and where I think that Joe will end up. I don’t know the answer to that question but I can say that I’m a fan of Joe’s work and that I feel that he will stay as busy as he chooses to be. Joe could be a valuable asset to WWE as it relates to working with young talents who need to work with someone better than them to learn. Sometimes change can be a good thing for all involved. Nonetheless I ca see how Samoa Joe, put in the proper role, could be an asset to WWE.

On Chris Jericho’s Unique Schedule:: Some people seemingly are making a big deal out of Chris Jericho’s unique in and out schedule with WWE but when one stops and thinks about it it is the same theory that the territories used to keep a steady flow of somewhat fresh new talents coming into their markets. Fans like ‘new’ even if ‘new’ fails at times. That’s why promoters back in the day were more willing to try new things and take more calculated risks.

On The UFC’s New Drug Testing Policy: I admire UFC for taking such a strong stance on their on going battle against PED’s. The discussed four year ban for violating the new, UFC drug policy is essentially a career ender which means that it will deter some athletes but will only encourage others to cheat using tougher drugs to detect. Nonetheless a new plan has to be put in place to be able to grow the UFC brand of which many of us are major fans. The PED problem in any sport cannot be totally eliminated but, again, all that can be done should be enacted to protect the fighters and to make the brand long term advertiser and TV network friendly.

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