Jim Ross Blogs – Vince McMahon’s Birthday, SummerSlam, ‘Taker


Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On Vince McMahon’s Birthday: “Greetings to all on Vince McMahon’s 70th birthday! I appreciate all my days in WWE even though some were brighter days than others, like any other job, but the 21 years I was there working with Vince were always eventful and, along with Cowboy Bill Watts, Vince taught me the most of anyone in the business. We never always agreed on pro wrestling philosophies but the same can be said of the Cowboy and me. That merely means we both had strong opinions as there are always multiple, right ways to positively execute something in a pro wrestling match.”

On SummerSlam: “I certainly would give Summer Slam a good grade as in a B+. I enjoyed watching it at home even though my Chrome Cast apparatus did not work for me and forced me to watch the show on my iPad. It still worked but not as easy to watch as our big screen TV. One thing for sure and that it s impossible to make all fans happy these days when it comes to match structure or how the matches end. As I have said, and it’s true, there are multiple ways to do something right in a pro wrestling match and everyone’s taste will never be the same. I had no major issues with any thing that I saw but I liked some things better than others.”

On Undertaker turning heel at Summerslam: ”Unlike many, I do not feel that Taker turned heel Sunday night against Brock. They both wrestling a rough, unforgiving style including low blows, etc but it’s obvious that many younger fans have not had the luxury of growing up enjoying some of the great personal issue laden storylines as us older fans. This is a unique situation where having a definitive heel and face isn’t essential.”

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