Jim Ross: ‘I Can’t Say I’m Sorry To See Tough Enough End!’


Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry online. Check out the highlights:

On Tough Enough: “Can’t say as I’m sorry to see Tough Enough end. The show’s format never resonated with me even though the look of the show was slick. I was never enamored with the “cast” especially after Patrick was eliminated. Patrick Clark will be a ‘player’ in the biz at some point sooner than later and WWE would be well served to sign the 19 year old who is a natural heel with a terrific work ethic and product knowledge. His training at Maryland Championship Wrestling has served him well.”

On a potential second season for the show: “If Tough Enough returns to the USA Network, I’d see major changes being made in the format and the voting plus getting Steve Austin back to host the show would be a major step forward. My congrats to Josh and Sara Lee. Hope that they make it but both appear to be long shots.”

On The Dudleys’ return: “Happy to see those Damn Dudley’s back with WWE as they can be great mentors/teachers to many on the young roster. Every team in WWE will become a better duo after having worked with Bubba and Devon.”

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