Jim Ross On Mic Foley’s Hell in a Cell Matches, WWE’s Camera Zooms On RAW, More


WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently took part in a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” chat this week. Here are the following highlights below:

On his WWF heel turn years ago:

“Creative thought it was the right move to make turning me heel but they were wrong. fans did not buy it and I did not execute it well.”

On his thoughts when Mick Foley fell off of Hell in a Cell:

“I though that he had broken his back or worse including being maimed.”

On crazy camera zooms on WWE RAW:

“It’s apparently someone’s artsy idea to upgrade the show. Epic Fail.”

On why he isn’t currently in WWE:

“WWE has spoken and the do not want me on their broadcasts. End of story. No worries here. I’m on PPV Sunday in Phoenix for URshow.tv and I hope that you will give us a shot. It will be a helluva, unpredictable show.”