Jim Ross Paul Heyman Promo Abilities, Working With Him, & More


In an interview with Fansided, Jim Ross spoke about working with Paul Heyman in both WCW and WWE, as well as what he thinks about Heyman’s promo ability. Here are highlights:

On working with Heyman in WCW: “Heyman in WCW was high-strung and hard to deal with it was the older guys and the booking committee. Not everyone but some. He was a little defiant. But he was very intelligent and I said I would work with him and the booking committee was ecstatic. They were probably happy I got him out of their hair. While in WCW, I let him be that villain character that he was so good at it and it came so natural to him.”

On commentating WWE shows with Heyman: “When Lawler left the WWE for a while and WrestleMania 17 came around Paul was my choice and became my partner again. We had a great another run there. A lot of people have said 17 was the best WrestleMania from start to finish. Whether it was or it wasn’t, is subjective. He was smart and enjoyed being his natural personality which is a heel. I always told him that he was so easy to be disliked and that is one of the greatest traits a villain could have. I don’t know if he’s a villain anymore but he’s entertaining.”

On Heyman’s promo ability: “Paul is a compelling character and he is the best at cutting promos in all of wrestling. If there is someone out there that I’m missing please bring it to my attention.”

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