Jim Ross Q&A: Celebrities at WM, Changes for Orton vs. Batista?, More


– Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on jrsbarbq.com. Here are a few highlights:

Mr. Ross, Over the years, WWF/WWE has hired various non-wrestling celebrities (Uecker, Tyson, Pete Rose, Burt Reynolds, etc.) to appear at Wrestlemania. My question is, do you think their appearance fees were justified by the incremental revenues i.e. the increased eyeballs? Aside from Tyson, who helped WWE garner great PR in the Attitude Era, you’d likely be surprised at what the other celebs earned. Good paydays but not overpaid and they took nothing away from the talents payoff pool for the event.

After last nights response to Batista in the ring that can’t possibly be thinking of still running Batista vs Orton as the Wrestlemania main event can they? That would be crazy, right? I expect some intriguing, creative changes to occur in WWE on the road to WrestleMania and they could start tonight on RAW.

Considering the reactions Batista and Orton got at the elimination chamber .. their match is going to be murdered by the Mania crowd. They are just not connecting with the audience, and the crowd hates them. What is the WWE doing ? Doesn’t it listen to its fans ? What are your thoughts? I think that WWE listens and will react accordingly. How could any one NOT hear what we all hear? They can’t. Just hang around and be patient or turnoff the shows and wait until things are to your liking.

WWE Turning Batista Heel Now?, Revealing New Rosa & Paige, More


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