Jim Ross Reacts To Vince & Shane McMahon On RAW, Jericho/Styles, HHH/Wyatt


Jim Ross has posted his latest blog entry online discussing last night’s RAW. Check out some highlights:

On Vince and Shane McMahon: “The show had a hard time topping the opening segment with the continuing saga of the McMahon Family which I am enjoying. Shane McMahon is a breath of fresh air IMO and the Shane vs Taker match at WM32 will likely exceed many naysayers cynical speculation and predictions of gloom and doom.”

On Chris Jericho turning on AJ Styles: “Interesting turn of events with Jericho knifing AJ in the back. If it means more of Y2J vs Styles matches including at Wrestlemania Texas, I’m good with it. No, I don’t think it was too soon. WWE likely wants AJ to get a signature win in a ‘singles match’ in Texas.”

On Triple H and Bray Wyatt: “Enjoyed the brief drama between HHH and Bray Wyatt. Wyatt is a major, character ‘face if WWE ever decides pull that trigger. The fans appear to love Bray’s presentation especially his fan friendly entrance.”

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