Joe Rogan: “CM Punk Fighting In The UFC Is Ridiculous, I Don’t Understand This Whole Thing”


Well, you can add longtime UFC announcer Joe Rogan to the rapidly growing list of MMA personalities and fans who have grown tired of the CM Punk-UFC-debut-debacle.

After finally getting an official opponent and closing in on a specific event to prepare to make his Octagon debut on, an injury to Punk is expected to force yet another postponement for the UFC to deal with while being stuck in the already unenviable task of trying to promote the debut of a non-fighter having his first professional bout on the biggest stage the sport has to offer.

The delay in the Punk vs. Mickey Gall fight, which was rumored for the UFC 199 pay-per-view in June, appears to be the breaking point for longtime UFC announcer.

Watch the video and/or read a detailed article at our UFC sister-site,, to find out what made Joe Rogan say, “CM Punk in the UFC is ridiculous,” before adding that he “doesn’t understand this whole thing.”

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Joe Rogan: “It’s Ridiculous For Punk To Fight In UFC, I Don’t Understand This Whole Thing”