Joey Ryan Discusses The Creation Of The ‘YourPorn Plex’, WWE Debut?, LU


Joey Ryan was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrateds Extra Mustard, here are the highlights…

On how the “YouPorn Plex” came to be: “Danshoku Dino plays a very homoerotic gay character and part of his offense is to grab a guy by the crotch,” explained Ryan. “Sometimes he’ll do a suplex out of it, or sometimes it will be an arm drag. When we were going over the match, he spoke to me in broken English and said, ‘Maybe I grab, but maybe you no-sell because American c— is so big and so strong.’ I was like, ‘Well, who am I to argue? It’s not even the most outrageous thing we did in the match,” said Ryan. “I rarely pop for my own stuff, but I laughed at how ridiculous and how over-the-top it was. I threw it out on Twitter, and had no idea that people would react so well – I only posted it because it made me laugh.”

On joining the cast of Lucha Underground for season two: “I’ve been blessed with another opportunity to be Joey Ryan,” acknowledged Ryan. “Getting to work with Rey Mysterio is an honor, and Lucha Underground is such a different locker room. They look at everyone as a peer, and there is no one politicking for more TV time, titles, or wins. No one is backstabbing anyone and ideas aren’t being shut down, so the wrestlers are having a lot of fun, and that’s something the fans can read when they watch.”

On possibly going to WWE: “Essentially, as an independent wrestler, you’re your own business,” said Ryan. “You don’t have Vince McMahon or the WWE behind you, and there is no one invested in you more than yourself. The only reason for me to sign with WWE now would be because that’s what I wanted to do when I was a little kid. Financially and freedom-wise, it makes more sense for me to stay independent. Without these rules and restraints where I have to gear myself toward them, I’m independent and self-made, and I feel like any door could open.”

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