John ‘Johnny Mundo’ Morrison Discusses Backstage Fights, OVW Incident, More


Former WWE Superstar John Morrison (aka Johnny Mundo) recently took part in a Reddit Ask Me Anything session. Below are some highlights from the AMA:

Morrison on his greatest wrestling moments: “Greatest moments are my ladder match with Jeff Hardy, wrestling CM Punk, Falls Count Anywhere with Miz, hitting HHH with the Nitro Blast (coined but him), Prince Puma in an all night long match… and stuff that’s happened in season two but we can’t talk about that until next time I join you guys.”

Morrison on if he’s ever had any fights backstage: “No, not physical. Arguments, sure. Never got into a full-blown fist fight with anyone, I had a big argument with JBL that almost turned into a fight, but nothing crazy. I’m a pretty even tempered person, unless I’m in the ring, then I get crazy.”

Morrison an incident in OVW where he had some heat for showing up to a show leat and getting beat up by the whole OVW roster: “Wrestling when you’re new, everybody gets heat. One time in OVW we went to a show in Indiana and arrived about twenty minutes early, and then we realized we were in the wrong city. We had to drive an hour to the right show; the ring was set up and the show was starting. We got some heat. The entire OVW roster came in during our match and beat the crap out of us with powerbombs and chopped us up a little bit.”

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