Jonathan Coachman Says He Nearly Used HGH, Peyton Manning, More


Jonathan Coachman appeared on ESPN’s Russilo and Kannel on Monday and talked about the use of HGH in professional sports, his own near-experience with the drug during his wrestling days and more. Check out the highlights:

On friends who used HGH: “A lot of my buddies to recover would take HGH to get back to earn a living, because their living was based on performance. For us, it wasn’t hard at all. You go to clinics, a lot of those clinics have been shut down because it’s illegal now. I had no problem.”

On his almost using the drug: “I had all my stuff in a FedEx and was going to send it to a doctor where all my buddies went. At the last minute I was like ‘I’m a wrestler, yes, but I’m not going this as much or the length of time I need to do this for.’ I knew my future was probably (at ESPN) and didn’t want to see my name tied to a clinic like that.”

On the accusations against Peyton Manning: “People just see your name, not the background of what you’re trying to accomplish. That’s the issue with Peyton Manning here. All they here is ‘doping, drugs,’ and that’s not what it’s used for. A lot of my guys did it so they could get in the ring and support themselves and get in the car and ride 800 miles a week.”

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