Jonny Fairplay & John Carpenter React To Roddy Piper’s Passing


While speaking to the Associated Press, John Carpenter, director of They Live, spoke about the death of Roddy Piper. He said: “He was a great wrestler. He was an underrated actor and just a marvelous entertainer and I feel like I’ve just lost one of my close friends… Roddy will always be loved because of his wrestling career. He really became a legend in pro wrestling. He will not be forgotten.”

Meanwhile, Jonny Fairplay, who worked as Piper’s personal assistant in 2001, added: “I would wake him up in the morning and yell at him from the door of his bedroom. I’d say, ‘Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, the guy who never beat Hulk Hogan.’ Rowdy Piper should be remembered as the greatest bad guy of all time.“

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