JR on “Bad News” for CM Punk Fans at RAW In Chicago, Hogan’s Health


– Jim Ross has updated the Q&A section on jrsbarbq.com and was asked about reports of Hulk Hogan not being able to pass a WWE physical, leading to limited interaction at WrestleMania XXX. Ross replied:

“I’m not a big, rumor guy. Surprised that you are. I’ve endorsed Hogan to be a part of WM30 for months and never once have I said that he needed to wrestle to be an asset to the event. Hogan has horrific back problems so why put him in any risk unnecessarily? That wold make no sense.”

Ross also commented on Bad News Barrett coming out at RAW in Chicago to inform fans that he has “bad news” and CM Punk won’t be there, as a way to get heel heat:

“That’s been suggested by others. It might work. Or Punk might be back.”

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