KENTA Leaving Noah


indy[NOAH / KENTA News] A press conference was held at the Differ Ariake in Tokyo to formally announced that KENTA has resigned from his “exclusive contract” underPro Wrestling Noah as of today, April 30. KENTA was present with the Vice-President of Noah in Naomichi Marufuji for the announcement.

KENTA’s own words are that it “there is only one life, and it is now or never to try something new in a different environment.” As of where he plans to go that is completely uncertain at this time, but KENTA “did” partake in a WWE tryout earlier this year which led to plenty of speculation as to what that means for the future.

KENTA will though still be competing in Noah this coming month as he is booked to compete on the May 3rd show at Differ Ariake as well as on May 17th show at Korakuen Hall.

The President of Noah, Akira Taue, released a statement before the press conference stating that KENTA has indeed resigned from the promotion. Though he apologized for any issues this may cause with the fans and for their full understanding on why this is happening.

My take on the matter…

This news has almost been expect for some time now in all honesty. Ever since KENTA made a special trip to the USA to partake in the “WWE tryout” session, I don’t know about anyone else, but I felt failry certain that he would at least earn a bigger oppurtunity to at least work on NXT. At least a chance to see where he could even fit in the long term of things.

Now as for what this means for NOAH as a whole, is completely up in the air. There is no denying that KENTA was a huge part of the latest restructuring of Noah, but as of late, this year more or less, he has been slowly put to the side to see how things can be centered around others. It completely feels that those in charge of Noah knew that their present time with KENTA might be coming to an end.

Now KENTA (33) talks of heading to a new stage of his career and change of environment. KENTA “has not” stated to where he will be going, so all we are left is with speculation at this time. But he did say that he will address everyone when details of such have been more “secured”. – CP/BushidoRX


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