King Mo Says He’s Not Done With Wrestling


King Mo appeared on The Roman Show and discussed his pro wrestling future and more. Check out the highlights:

On a potential TNA return: “I’ve always been MMA 100%. If they call me I’ll make an appearance. Right now, there is nothing going on in wrestling unless they book me to do something.

On his training in OVW: “I enjoyed my time in OVW. My trainer was Trailer Park Thrash or better known as Frank Miller. That was my guy right there him and Al Snow I learned a lot from. There were good people there who helped me out. Training was hard. I took a lot of bumps. Actually it’s more painful than it is MMA.”

On learning ring psychology: “That’s something you are always learning while you are wrestling. People always stay learning you can’t pick it up just like that.”

On Goldberg training in MMA: “He is powerful and athletic. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see him do kickboxing or Muay Thai.”

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