Kurt Angle Compares Cena’s Reaction To His ‘You Suck’ Chants


Kurt Angle has posted a new blog on his official website talking about John Cena and the reaction he gets, comparing it to his own “You Suck” chants. You can read an excerpt below:

“Cena Sucks vs You Suck~ Kurt Angle Official BlogMany of you have asked if I thought that John Cena has “taken my place in WWE” or is “copying me” because of the “John Cena Sucks” chants that he gets from the fans…

“For me, I was a heel at the time, and the “You suck” chant started when Edge encouraged the fans to do it. They never stopped, even when I turned baby face. My opinion is that Cena was pushed from the upper management to be unbeatable, and he rarely lost. It wasn’t Cena’s idea to make himself unbeatable. It was the man in charge. A lot of fans were disgusted that somebody could win so much, so they started to dislike Cena. I believe that wrestling needed a superhero and Cena was the guy. To any wrestling fan that dislikes Cena, at the very least, you have to admit he’s really good. I’m quite amazed at Cena’s in-ring abilities and matches. He has really stepped up his game, especially this late in his career, and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Cena consistently puts on amazing matches. He also gets the necessary time to create those matches. Twenty minutes on Raw is a rarity today, but Cena gets those minutes when he wrestles, sometimes even longer. He should get that time, because he is that good. Are there other talents out there that can do the same? Sure there are, but why fix what isn’t broken? When I was in WWE, I also got the proper time to put on the stellar matches I had, and Cena has earned that right.”

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