More Late WWE Creative Changes, AJ Lee’s Divas Title Win, More


— At the closing bell on Wednesday, WWE stock was at $13.63 per share.

— On Monday, WWE announced and promoted a match between Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton for the post-Night Of Champions edition of RAW. An hour later, they removed the advertising for that match and ended up going a different direction. During Monday’s RAW, WWE promoted a Night Of Champions rematch between The Usos and Goldust and Stardust, however just before the taping last night, they switched the advertisements to feature a Big Show vs. Rusev match instead.

— When AJ Lee won the WWE Divas title at Night of Champions, she became a three time champion. She’s now tied with Eve Torres for most Divas title reigns. Eve held the title for 260 days over three reigns. AJ Lee held the title for 345 days.

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