The Latest Rumor From Reddit User ‘MetsFan4Ever’ Inside


Reddit user MetsFan4Ever, a “verified WWE insider” who has broke news in the past, has said that Roman Reigns will win his match with Daniel Bryan at WWE Fast Lane and face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. The only reason the Reigns/Bryan match was made, according to MetsFan4Ever, is so WWE can “please the marks” while getting Reigns over. They “will stick with their plan regardless of how the fans react” because Reigns vs Lesnar is the planned main event of WrestleMania 31.

He also says that WWE knows people will watch WrestleMania regardless of the card. He said he was told “they could book Doink the Clown vs Brock Lesnar” and fans would still watch because WrestleMania is bigger than anyone on the show.

All of this stuff seems pretty obvious if you’ve been following our sites. We are starting to have serious doubts about whether or not this “MetsFan4Ever” guy is just some random fan making guesses and posting them as “exclusive backstage news” on Reddit. Many posters on Reddit are starting to feel the same way and have been calling him out as of late.

Even though Reigns is expected to go over at Fast Lane, Bryan was picked to get him ready for WrestleMania. Bryan is considered one of the most physical wrestlers on the roster and can prepare Reigns for a match with Lesnar according to MetsFan4Ever.

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