Live Notes & Off-Air Notes From Last Night’s WWE RAW


Credit: Ivan Fernandez & PWInsider

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Overall it was a good crowd. Everyone was really into it and was mostly looking forward to the Ziggler vs. BNB match and Steph vs. Vickie match. All of the top level was covered except the side facing the camera. Not good.

Vickie and Steph
Vickie really got over using the Guerrero name. Instant face.

Harper and Rowan vs The Usos
Harper and Rowan are not as over without Bray live. Well they shouldn’t be cause they are heels but they didn’t get any real reaction when they came out. I fear for them as singles. Too bad cause they are good workers. The Usos are over. Not sure how but they are. I don’t like them but hey they are doing there thing and it works.

Bo Dallas vs Titus
BOver. People love aholes. People also seemed to want to cheer for Titus but they are not sure if they should because of the way he is being booked. They need to fix it before he becomes just another guy that loses.

RVD vs Seth Rollins
RVD is still over. It’s not 2005 but still over. Lol. Good exchange between Seth and RVD. Crowed loved it. Nice pop when Triple H music hit. Seems like people want to cheer for him but they are playing the part and booing.

Everyone went crazy when Dean Ambrose jumped Rollins. Rollins seems to have some real heat over turning on the shield. People were not ready for that and they hate him for it.

What’s up with the Deuce ‘n Domino gear Dean? Really? Rollins looks like an XMEN.

Ziggler vs BNB
By far the most anticipated match of the night and the most over match other than the main event. BNB is really over and we cheered the Redskins racist comment. Mostly cause we knew it was coming from somebody. YEAH! They need to do something with Ziggler seriously. He is over

Vickie vs. Steph
Not sure if this made air but one of the referees tried to help Steph out of the MUD pool but she ended up pulling him into it. They ended up failing to get up multiple times and Steph kept swatting at him. She looked like she was having fun. We all loved every single minute of it. Marks can say we want wrestling but the segment was over Live. Big time.

Main Event
Off camera Cena was talking to the crowed and pumping us up. When Sheamus did the beats of the bowery I could hear the “beats” over the loud-crowed noise. OUCH!

Post RAW Report
Cesaro, Sheamus, Cena and Reigns are in the ring. Bray Watty and Orton enter and it’s on. Baby faces clear the ring with Bray the only heel left. Reigns spear, Seamus Brogue kick, Cena grabs Bray by the hair takes him to the side of the ramp and tosses him into MUD.

Cena, Sheamus and Reigns celebrate at the top of the ramp with Reigns theme. Good night everybody.

StarDust Over… The End….. Sports entertainment is alive and well.
Pop for Paige vs Naomi graphic
Sheamus vs Bray graphic no reaction
Big E no reaction
Daniel Bryan at MITB graphic…. No Reaction…. Not good.
Bray Watty phone lights light up the entire arena. Awesome live.
Nice little pop for Del Rio.
Nice little pop for Randy.

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