Lucha Underground News – ‘Cheerleader Melissa’ Update, Movie?, More


— According to sources, Lucha Underground is considering doing a sci-fi movie based around the promotion next year, as well as a house show tour.

— Melissa Anderson, best known as Cheerleader Melissa, is set to work the second season. Anderson, who had a TNA run as Raisha Saeed, will be portrayed as the sister of Marty the Moth.

— Below are the scheduled taping dates for the promotion. If they tape two episodes per night, that will give them a twenty-four episode season.

* November 14th
* November 15th
* November 21st
* November 22nd
* December 12th
* December 13th
* January 9th
* January 10th
* January 16th
* January 17th
* January 30th
* January 31st

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