Major RAW Creative Re-Writes?, Who Played ‘The Bunny’?, More


— As noted earlier, WWE announced that The Miz will host MizTV on tomorrow night’s episode of Main Event with special guest Dean Ambrose.

— I posted the following on my Facebook page late Monday night:

The “New Generation” on RAW …. what a HUGE surprise, eh?! They promote the SH*T outta’ Orton vs. Ambrose all day, they promote the hell outta’ the “New Generation” on RAW all week long … no Wyatt family, etc. etc. etc. It’s RIDICULOUS with these creative re-writes.

We’ll have more on what was changed later today (Tuesday).

— Tyson Kidd tweeted the following during RAW, confirming that he wasn’t the guy who played the role of Adam Rose’s bunny on this week’s WWE RAW broadcast.

“Bunny did a great spin kick, mines a touch better though. Rumor dispeller, fact dropper #RAW”It is rumored that Sami Zayn, Justin Gabriel or Adrian Neville worked as the bunny on this week’s WWE RAW broadcast.

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