Major Update – Randy Savage To WWE Hall Of Fame?


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to a source, WWE’s new DVD on Randy Savage may be the first step toward the Hall of Fame induction that is a long time coming. As you may recall, Savage was on the outs with WWE for years all the way up to his death and following his passing, it took WWE a long time to warm to the idea of inducting him into the Hall of Fame. Once they did, Lanny Poffo balked and claimed that Savage wanted the entire Poffo family to go in as a group in reparation for McMahon refusing to book Angelo Poffo in an old-timer battle royal during Savage’s run with the company, which Savage saw as a slight.

However, the new DVD/Blu-Ray set notable has a full-length documentary on Savage, something the original Savage set in 2009 lacked. The set has interviews with both Lanny and Judy Poffo, which is seen as a sign that relations between the two have thawed. The belief is that this DVD is a prelude to Savage going into the Hall of Fame, possibly as soon as next year.

In an interesting note, the new set vaguely addresses the long-standing rumor that Savage’s ostracization from the company had to due with an affair with Stephanie McMahon when she was underage. The site reports that there is a segment about how the company has ignored Savage since 2001 (which in reality they’ve ignored him since just after he left in 1994, but acknowledging it at all is surprising). Lanny Poffo notes that Savage was angry about HHH’s interview where he called Savage a dinosaur and then brings up the video where Savage said, “Triple H, I’ll bitch slap you and then take your girl.”

Lanny noted in response to that, “All that does is throw gasoline on the fire.”

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